About us

Samos CCP Ltd UK benefits from a highly experienced team of dedicated staff with a broad mix of international real estate, engineering, architecture, Project and Construction Management, finance and banking expertise.

 The senior management has more than 100 years of experience combined.

Our highly experienced team allows us to secure the best projects and execute construction at the highest quality standards and on time.

نقدم كشركة *”ساموز المملكة المتحدة” * التطوير الكامل للعمل على المشاريع السكنية، والمشاريع المتعددة الوظائف ،واعمال الصيانة والترميم.كما نقدم خدمات العلامات التجارية والتسويق والبيع ،وإدارة المنشآت واعمال الصيانة والتصميم الهندسي. علاوة على ذلك قمنا ببناء علاقات قوية مع الوكالات الهندسية التجارية، مما يسمح لنا بتقديم حلول للمقاولين والمطورين.

تكمن الميزة التنافسية لـ *”ساموز المملكة المتحدة” * في قدرتها على الاستفادة من خبرتها القوية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط ،وفي تنفيذ استراتيجية التسويق والمبيعات الصحيحة لبناء علاقات مع عملاء المملكة المتحدة.لقد تفوقت شركة “ساموز المملكة المتحدة” في مجال التطوير / المقاولات / توريد مواد البناء/ والخدمات.مع اهتمام واسع النطاق في التفاصيل ، لقد افتخرنا بأن نكون روادًا في تطبيق أساليب البناء الطليعية والذكية والمواكبة للعمارة البيئية بأستخدام أحدث المنتجات واهم مواد البناء.

إن رؤية  “ساموز ” في المملكة المتحدة في التوسع في تجارة مواد البناء والمفروشات ،تأتي من إيمان قوي بأن أي مشروع بغض النظر عن حجمه ، يجب تلبيته من بداية الدراسة الهندسية مرورًا بالتنفيذ إلى التسليم و من ثم الادارة.

Carlo Cattero


Italian nationality, studied Architecture in Turin Politecnico, he now splits his life between London, Turin and the Middle East. 
In this area he spent his last 15 years. 
He started as Head of Design of an Engineering firm in Abu Dhabi, then became Project Director of some mega projects between Iraq and KSA and lately Deputy Branch manager in Riyadh of one of the top 100 Engineering firm.
He now works as a trusted advisory partner to develop and manage big projects internationally and specifically in the Middle East area.
Carlo Joined Dolmen Development as President in 2018.

Paolo Cattero

Founder & CEO

Italian nationality, studied Political Sciences  in Turin, he now lives London.
He spent his first part of his career working in developing financial recovery strategies for the Public Sector in Italy.
He then moved to the private sector founding a group of companies working in the motor sport field, real estate, construction business and design managing all financial and banking aspects of the group.
He joined Dolmen in 2019 to work on the creation of Dolmen Development LTD in UK as Chief Financial Officer. 

Michele Ayash


Mohamad Ayash started Dolmen for Contracting & Construction management. After graduating with a Mathematics degree, he earned his Architecture degree from the Lebanese University.
Today, the ensemble of the 13 firms forming Dolmen Development thrives to be “the leader in creating new architectural and engineering designs, in developing innovative projects; and in providing related exceptional products and services in Lebanon and beyond”.
His vision is to mark Dolmen’s presence internationally; serving the most eminent corporate names and meeting the most challenging design criteria.


Russian and CIS countries representatives

Alexei Goncharenko

Russian nationality, Alexei graduated from the Moscow State University. He started as Project Director and worked in several leading full-service communication agencies in Moscow, gaining experience through working on accounts of such leading companies as Toyota, Panasonic, Sberbank and others. In 2000 Alexei joined the Yukos Oil, leading projects in marketing and petrol stations network development. Following Yukos Alexei has been successfully building businesses in Russia and the CIS countries, focusing on large-scale projects with clients such as Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Russian Machines, Sheremetyevo, Moscow Government etc.
In 2021 Alexei joined SAMOS as a Partner in business operations in Russia and CIS.

Sergey Rustamov

Russian nationality, Sergey graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University).
Sergey has over 17 years experience in the oil retail business (YUKOS and ROSNEFT).
He was directly involved in implementation of Rosneft Retail Strategy, development of the new brand and new retail network for Rosneft, preparation for the Sochi-2014 Olympics, and Rosneft’s downstream project in China.
Sergey achieved outstanding results in operational activities of supervised enterprises in Russia and Belarus, building up extensive experience in interaction with State and regional authorities.
Sergey Joined SAMOS CCP RUS as a Partner in Russia and CIS in 2022.